Centro Sin Fronteras / Familia Latina Unida Fundraiser

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As we enter the year 2015 Familia Latina Unida celebrates the victory in the demand we began 15 years ago, the demand to win protection for the undocumented parents of U.S. citizen children by executive order. It has been eight years since the marches of millions and eight years since Elvira and Saul brought our issue before the whole nation in sanctuary. In the following years, we gathered around the witness of families in hundreds of cities. We thank the tens of thousands of families that participated in this struggle – and the Latino community that rallied around them and showed the power of their unified vote. We also celebrate the dedicated and brilliant leadership of Congressman Luis Gutierrez who always stood with these families. Still, it is not the time to rest.

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We Are Not Confused!

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For those who suggest that the President should hold off on executive action to let the Republican controlled Congress act on immigration reform we have a clear response: the Republicans do not want immigration reform and will delay it as long as they can if the President does not act.

What should be clear is that the Republicans are the party of the bosses, the party of the corporations. Almost every policy they fight for is a policy that allows corporations and wealthy individuals to increase their profits and their wealth by reducing wages and corporate taxes. For the rest of us they offer “trickle down economics.” And a racial mobilization against the first African American President of the United States.

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Nov. 27th Coalition Call For Action

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The Coalition is formed to win the “generous” executive actions promised by President Obama in July – led by the extension of DACA to the parents of dreamers and U.S. citizen children but not limited to that action. The Coalition seeks to mobilize massive marches over the November 27th Thanksgiving week-end. The Coalition is committed to the organization of a campaign for an independent campaign for the Presidency and independent challenges to selected Democratic Senators and Members of Congress in 2016 if the executive order is not forthcoming by November 27th and is not adequate to alleviate the suffering of millions of Latinos and others similarly affected.

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Forced To Return Home With No Answer From I.C.E.

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October 21, 2014 Familia Latina Unida started on their journey home to Chicago with heavy hearts as they were forced to leave behind Juan Garcia, Rosa Ruiz Jimenez and Esther Escalante due to the lack of response from ICE on their requests for humanitarian parole.

The rescue mission began on Wednesday October 15 when the US citizen children and spouses traveled to Laredo, Texas and then Nuevo Laredo, Mexico to join with Juan, Rosa and Esther before they turned themselves over to border patrol. On Friday October 17, the team moved to the border and the three were apprehended, detained and eventually moved to ICE after being processed. Everything during the crossing went smoothly and then they waited.

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