One Set of Rules

Posted Dec 2014 by Elvira Arellano   |  Archives

We are in the season to prepare ourselves for the birth of Jesus to his migrant parents. The Bible teaches us that John the Baptist came before him “to make the way ready.” John taught the people to repent of their sins, change their ways and seek the forgiveness of God. I think this applies to countries as well as individuals but this United States of America is not very good at admitting and taking responsibility for its mistakes.

            I thought maybe I was wrong about this when last week the President and some of the Senators were admitting that the government had tortured people. The Senate produced a long report documenting the torture that was done and explaining that really no intelligence was gained. Well, I thought, this government can admit its mistakes. Then I realized that only the Democrats were admitting to the torture and they were putting all the guilt on the last Republican administration – and nobody is going to jail or even getting fired!

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MAKE YOURSELF READY: Fourth Week in the Time of Preparation

Posted Dec 2014 by Rev. Walter Coleman   |  Sermon

We are in the season of Preparation. Yesterday, we were preparing people to file their applications for the deferments to be offered through the executive order. Yesterday also we saw people marching in the thousands in many cities, demanding justice in the police killings. That too is a preparation for a deeper struggle against the marginalization of black and Latino communities. On Friday, many marched from the Church on Division st., the first Sanctuary church, to this church, carrying the Virgin of Guadalupe. We recall that the beautiful lady called on Juan Diego to challenge his conquerors and to stand up for his people. Juan Diego protested. I am not worthy, he said. You should get someone else. But the Virgin said, “I have picked you, my dignified son.”

          We are challenged to prepare our families for renewal, for we know that if we do not renew our families than they will fall apart. And we are challenged also to prepare a new generation of leadership. Of all the many challenges we face this year there is one more: the challenge of success. You see we are used to defeats. We receive small signs of victories to come and we remain strong in the struggle that is our lives. We have known defeat for so long that success takes us unaware – and success holds many dangers.

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Centro Sin Fronteras / Familia Latina Unida Fundraiser

Posted Dec 2014 by Rev. Walter Coleman & Emma Lozano   |  Archives, Support

As we enter the year 2015 Familia Latina Unida celebrates the victory in the demand we began 15 years ago, the demand to win protection for the undocumented parents of U.S. citizen children by executive order. It has been eight years since the marches of millions and eight years since Elvira and Saul brought our issue before the whole nation in sanctuary. In the following years, we gathered around the witness of families in hundreds of cities. We thank the tens of thousands of families that participated in this struggle – and the Latino community that rallied around them and showed the power of their unified vote. We also celebrate the dedicated and brilliant leadership of Congressman Luis Gutierrez who always stood with these families. Still, it is not the time to rest.

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